Where the lives of three thousand people cross simultaneously for a few seconds at the command of the red and green traffic lights, she stole his wallet and he, her heart. That was a Monday. The chances of crossing again were tiny. One in a billion. But it happened. They did it. And this time, […]

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how daring of me

   How daring of me,                                                                                                      […]

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Me basta así/Enough about this

Si yo fuese Dios y tuviese el secreto, haría un ser exacto a ti. (…) Si yo fuese Dios, podría repetirte y repetirte,
 siempre el mismo y siempre diferente, (…) Ya no sé si me explico, pero quiero aclarar que si yo fuese Dios, haría lo posible por ser yo para quererte tal como te […]

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